January 2021 Update

Submitted by seedAdmin on Mon, 08/30/2021 - 02:08

Dear friends,

Let’s see if I can give you a little glimpse of the many activities we had last month. Here are a few highlights:

New class: Despite our rebel students trying to convince the new ones not to apply at SEED, we have about 50 enrolled! They’re in good spirits and are getting used to getting their hands dirty. Hands-on means taking care of cows and chickens, prepping eggs, making yogurt or cheese, and working in the gardens. For kids that have finished high school a real challenge since they’re not used to manual labor any more. Pray for them that we may show them the way, not only in agriculture and animal care but also in spiritual matters.

New interns:  Since about 3 weeks, our 24 interns are out in their assigned communities. Not an easy feat since there is a lot of insecurity in the country. We ask for your prayers that the Lord may protect them and that they can serve their areas well.

Harvesting:  Finally, our first crops are being harvested. The Lord blessed us with broccoli, cabbage, cucumbers, and chick peas and more chick peas! We’re so thankful!

Land issues:  The SEED rice land is being worked on by a family we have put in charge. So far, they are able to work it. Some people threatened us to take the farmland now.

Unrest:  Since several weeks the schools in the cities are closed due to unrest. All offices and markets were closed but in the last few days they’re timidly opening. They announced to continue with manifestations (not so peaceful!) if the president doesn’t resign; which he said he won’t.

Two weeks ago, a pastor was shot in bright daylight. That really shocked us to the core. Kidnapping in the capital is getting worse; even kids and young girls. Satan has truly getting a hold of our country.

Thank you for your prayers on behalf of SEED staff and students and us also. We need them and appreciate them. We will keep you posted. So thankful that we can serve where the Lord sent us to be.

Daniel and Manuel: Both boys are in Germany with family now. Manuel is doing his apprenticeship in butchering and meat processing and Daniel is still looking for a job. He got a part-time shop at a super market so far. Thanks for praying for them also.

In His Service,

Frantz and Doris

New students oriented by fifth year
New students getting orientation from a fifth year student