Update June 2022

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July 10, 2022


Dear friends,

A short note from us with a few infos. The renovations are paused at the moment. The upstairs classroom and the stairways are almost done. It took much longer and was more expensive since we had reinforced the posts for more stability. We will be doing the same for fixing up the offices.

May 2022 Update

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Dear friends,

Finally,  some news from us at SEED again. Attached you will find a few pictures from our Ag fair.

For two days we had full programm, naturally with a lot of loud music! Not only SEED staff and students could display their transformed products but also people from outside. Quite a few took advantage of that. We thank the Lord that despite some drizzle in the mornings it was a great success!

October Update

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Dear friends.

Sorry, that you haven't heard from us since a long while. Let me start with the main reason that had us really concerned.

Earthquake Report #3

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Dear friends,

Time flies when you have fun or better said when you are frazzled!?
Sometimes it's really difficult to know what is next. There are still
aftershocks but. We are not always sure if it is real or in our
imagination. Most people are still sleeping outside under tarps or
whatever they can find.

We will give you a quick overview of the activities during the last few

Classes started 3 weeks ago and slowly students and teachers are getting

Earthquake Report

Submitted by seedAdmin on Mon, 08/30/2021 - 13:53

Dear friends,

Finally, a word from us again. Our internet is still not working that
great, especially the one on the phones. But now I have it in my new
office and will try to send a quick update.

Well, how are we doing? This is not such an easy question to answer. We
are still very nervous and edgy; always waiting for another after-shock.
But it seems that they're getting farther apart. Often our mind is
playing tricks on us and we think it's shaking but it is not. We don't