May 2022 Update

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Dear friends,

Finally,  some news from us at SEED again. Attached you will find a few pictures from our Ag fair.

For two days we had full programm, naturally with a lot of loud music! Not only SEED staff and students could display their transformed products but also people from outside. Quite a few took advantage of that. We thank the Lord that despite some drizzle in the mornings it was a great success!

We offered some seminars on agricultural production and economics. Our vet technician showed how to neuter a dog. How we make our yogurt was also demonstrated. We had guided tours where folks could learn about our cows and biogaz.

Our cafeteria staff was greatly challenged. At the end of the second day we literally hardly could walk any longer. But ... it was all worth it! Greatest demands were for rabbit meat and barbequed pork over a pit.

For the first time we organized a small dog show. Many people came especially for this. It was okay but there’s still quite a bit of room for improvement!

Fazit: next year we want to put it on again and hope that we can learn from our mistakes to make it more effectiv. 

University: Our students are in the process of finishing up their last papers due. We have a big prayer request: we had lost quite a few students because we are still not recognized yet. Please pray that the process will finally come to a positiv result and the government will certify SEED/USITA.

Renovations: We are working on finishing the stairways and the one classroom. Before we can build the auditorium we have to work on our office space. I will send pictures soon. We are still continuing to help churches, groups, and individuals with ciment, tin, other materials.

We want to thank you from the bottom of our hears for your support: for prayer, for encouragment, for your gifts! May the Lord continue to bless you richly!

Until next time,

Frantz and Doris with the SEED Team


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