Update June 2022

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July 10, 2022


Dear friends,

A short note from us with a few infos. The renovations are paused at the moment. The upstairs classroom and the stairways are almost done. It took much longer and was more expensive since we had reinforced the posts for more stability. We will be doing the same for fixing up the offices.

But we will continue with the farm wall. We still have problems with the neighbors, especially their goats that are very excited about our gardens!

Last week we started the 2nd semester and we're seeing an increase of former students again. We praise the Lord for it! The process of recognition is still on. Hopefully, there will be a visit from the ministry of education and we're getting ready for them.

Our country's situation has not improved yet. Prices are still going up since traffic from the capital is difficult. Insecurity

Daniel and Manuel are getting excited about our visit in August to Germany. Frantz will be for about 3 weeks and I'll be staying longer (doctors' and supporters' visits). Daniel’s  girl friend, Greta, will be joining us for about 2 weeks also. We'll see how it goes! Manuel is in his last year of a butcher apprenticeship and is already making plans on what will come next. Daniel continues working.

We want to thank you all so much for your encouragement in so many different ways. You make a great difference in our ministry!

Be blessed,

Frantz and Doris

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