Earthquake Report

Submitted by seedAdmin on Mon, 08/30/2021 - 13:53
Former SEED Auditorium

Dear friends,

Finally, a word from us again. Our internet is still not working that
great, especially the one on the phones. But now I have it in my new
office and will try to send a quick update.

Well, how are we doing? This is not such an easy question to answer. We
are still very nervous and edgy; always waiting for another after-shock.
But it seems that they're getting farther apart. Often our mind is
playing tricks on us and we think it's shaking but it is not. We don't
feel at rest when in the house: quick shower, bathroom, etc; always
leaving doors unlocked. We are still sleeping on the porch or in the
living room with open doors. Always mindful that there is nothing in the
way if we have to run. It will take a while until we will find our "New
Normal" as I call it.

And yet, we are thankful. Our house survived without hardly any damage.
Most homes are totally or partly broken. And since everyone is afraid of
new after-shocks they still sleep outside. But when storm Grace came
with strong winds and lots of rain, some resigned themselves to take a
chance on going inside.

Slowly we're getting a little bit better organized and started to give
out tarps and some food. Distribution will continue tomorrow. Doing
relief is not an easy feat because in SEED neighborhood alone are about
200 families affected. A lot of wisdom is needed! More details in the
next report.

Classes may not start for another week since we are planning on building
3 classroom shelters. The new building with store and copy center and
the cafeteria are okay but the students do not want to stay in any

We want to thank you all for your prayers and gifts. You really
encouraged us greatly during these difficult times.

Well, let me send this mail off before the internet says good-bye again.

May the Lord continue to bless you all. We love and appreciate you.

In His Service,

Frantz and Doris with the SEED team