Earthquake Report #3

Submitted by seedAdmin on Tue, 09/21/2021 - 03:51
Inside SEED Base

Dear friends,

Time flies when you have fun or better said when you are frazzled!?
Sometimes it's really difficult to know what is next. There are still
aftershocks but. We are not always sure if it is real or in our
imagination. Most people are still sleeping outside under tarps or
whatever they can find.

We will give you a quick overview of the activities during the last few

Classes started 3 weeks ago and slowly students and teachers are getting
used to this new set-up. The gazebo is the No.1 classroom. It's coolest
there and whatever class is there first calls shotgun.

The damaged buildings are cordoned off and we had an engineer from
California to assess the damage. Now we can make plans on how to proceed
with clean up and rebuilding.

Distribution has been going on. Until last week we distributed 200 bags
of rice,  74 bags of beans, 360 gallons of oil, and almost 305 tarps.
There's still need for these items. We do not have many pictures of
these distributions because people do not want their picture taken and
having it published. For food items we call in pastors or other leaders
and hand them a voucher. With this they go to the store and pick it up.
That way we are not having a distribution center at SEED. It would be
too dangerous and tempting for people to help themselves.

We will be not distributing any more tarps after this load and will
start planning on giving out tin so that people can start rebuilding again.

Our SEED-Base in Duchity was hit hard. part of the walls came down and
the house that withstood hurricane Matthew needs to be torn down.

In Latiboliere, Jeremie, there's a Catholic Center with a clinic and we
could help them with food. They were so excited that someone was
thinking of them!

We want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your prayers and
your gifts. They are greatly appreciated.

May the Lord continue to bless you. In His service,

Frantz and Doris