October Update

Submitted by seedAdmin on Sun, 11/07/2021 - 18:42

Dear friends.

Sorry, that you haven't heard from us since a long while. Let me start with the main reason that had us really concerned.

Frantz got sick at the end of September, was treated for malaria and dysentery. The meds were really strong and he was getting dehydrated. After 10 days he was starting to get a little confused due to dehydration. We took him to the hospital and they found out that he also had a double-sided pneumonia. Thankfully, we had doctors and nurses who really took good care of him. There were also spiritual battles to be fought. Many people prayed for him and lifted him up. After 10 days he was released and we moved to a house on the mission compound so that he can rest better. That's where we are at the moment and he is enjoying his time praying, listening to messages and music. We cannot describe how thankful we are for the Lord's mercy and His healing.  So many people were helping him/us in whatever way was needed and encouraged us. He has not gone back to work; we'll wait a little bit on that.

Many people are asking on how we are doing in Haiti. Well, that's a really loaded question since no one really knows what's going on and where we are headed. Since weeks, there's no gas coming to our area. Gangs are controlling the major roads south and north. Strikes for 2-3 days each week in hope of change. Yesterday, several gas stations gave gas and so no strike today! Life has become harder and people are getting more aggravated. Most schools cannot function because the students and teachers cannot afford a gallon of gasoline for about $ 15. We are not traveling to the capital by car. But we are fine and are thankful that we still can work even if it's not under normal circumstances.

Wall construction has come to a halt since the earthquake. Pray with us that we can finish it so that the bandits will leave it alone.

Relief has been continuing. Tarps are almost all distributed and food and tin is given now.

We're working on taking down the auditorium so that we can fix up the remaining buildings again. Lots of wisdom is needed.

Our farm is slowly getting back on its feet. We are harvesting some things from our mountain farm. Nurseries of veggies are being prepared and we hope by Christmas to have some nice gardens.

Students are done with the last semester and we are hoping to have the entry exam this Friday. Everything is on stand-by since we have no idea on how things will be progressing.

I think that this is the first time in my almost 34 years in Haiti that discouragement wants to overtake me. But we are fighting against this because the Lord is bigger than this and knows what we can handle and what He wants us to do.

Thank you so much for your prayers and your encouragement. May the LORD continue to bless you all.

In His Service,

Frantz and Doris